Modernizm. Płeć i Tożsamość. Maria Komornicka / Piotr Odmieniec Włast, wykład gościnny. Spotkanie realizowane w ramach tematu rocznego realizowanego w pracowni: “Odmieniec – odmienność”. Pracownia 72, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych Warszawa,, 17 grudnia 2019, godzina 16-19.
Spotkanie autorskie inaugurujące Festiwal Puls Literatury. Dom Literatury w Łodzi i Narodowe Centrum Kultury. 4 grudnia 2019.
Wokół Znikania. Spotkanie autorskie z Izabelą Morską. Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury. 19 listopada 2019, godzina 18.
Writing through Oppression. Creative writing workshop.  British Council International Writer in Residence at New Writing South. In partnership with Spread the Word. The Idea Store London, UK, Thursday, October 10, 2019, 6.30pm – 8.30pm; The Writer’s Place, Brighton, UK, Friday, October 11, 2019, 5pm – 7pm.

Izabela Morska in conversation with Maria Jarzębska  Comparing notes on writing and various forms of creativity and activism; the peculiar and unexpected similarities and differences between the UK and Poland, the bad “isms” (nationalisms and populisms); illness, health, and sanity; the prevalence of “hate speech” and the power of creative voice. The Writers’ Place (NWS) Brighton, UK. October 5, 2019. 

Literary Salon. Izabela Morska in conversation with Mark Radcliffe – MA Creative Writing course director at West Dean College, October 2, 2019.

Znikanie at West Dean College_02_10_2019
Faktyczny Dom Kultury, Premiera: Znikanie. Andrzejem Lederem i Kamilem Sipowiczem. 25 września 2019, godzina 19:00.
Księgarnia Karakter, Prapremiera: Znikanie. Prowadzi Ewa Marchewka. Kraków, 23 września 2019.
European Literary Festival in CologneEuropäisches Literaturfestival Köln Kalk. A volume of poetry, Madame Intuita, translated into German by Anna Hetzer at Parasitenpresse. September 6-8, 2019.
cover-morska madame intuita
Festiwal Literatury Wolnościowej “Wielostronni” Wykład: Obszary Odmienności: Płeć i tożsamość polskiego modernizmu. Gdańsk, Biblioteka Pod Żółwiem. May 19, 2019.
Go East! LGBTQ+ Literature in Eastern Europe Conference. Presented paper: Modesty at Work: Zygmunt Mycielski in Warsaw. Faculty of Arts, University of Lublana, Lublana, Slovenia. October 26-27, 2018. ————————————————————————–
X Kongres Kobiet. Centrum LGBTQIA. Panel: Kłopoty z lesbijką? Rzut oka na kulturę lesbijską w Polsce. Opieka: A. Dekowska, M. Płatek. Udział: A. Małgowska, I. Morska, M. Wielgogłaska, A. Zawadzka, Zuch Dziewczyny. June 16-17, 2018. ——————————————————
Impacts of Gender Discourse on Polish Politics, Society & Culture Conference. University College London. Presented paper: “This Nature Does Not Nurture: The Penchant for Controlling the Untamed in the First Two Years of Christian-Conservative Governance in Poland.” University College London. June 11-12, 2018. ——————————————————————–
Seminarium otwarte z cyklu “Pośród nas.” Presented short story: Koty i myśliwi (“Cats and Hunters”). Anna Filipowicz: “W stowarzyszeniu z nie-ludzkim. Zwierzęcość u Izabeli Filipiak. Mirosława i Stanisław Modrzewscy, Grażyna and Feliks Tomaszewscy organizers.  Neofilologia, Uniwersytet Gdański. May 23, 2018. ——————————————————–

Book launch: Brez Besed Ji Sledim: Sodobna Evropska Lezbičbina Poezija Lublana, Slovenia. November 25, 2017. Invited poet.

Joseph Conrad. Konteksty, spotkania i nawiązania międzykulturowe. / Joseph Conrad. Intercultural Contexts, Encounters, and References. Gdańsk University, Gdańsk, Poland. October 23,2017. Opening panel (featuring Hunt Hawkins), Chair. Presented paper: (Nie)męskość w “Il Conde” / (Un)manliness in “Il Conde”

Conrad Festival, Pałac Czeczotki, Kraków. October 24, 2017. Discussion panel (with Ryziński, Tomasik): Homopowieści.

Konferencja: (Nie)męskość w tekstach kultury XIX-XXI wieku ([Un]manliness in Cultural Texts) Pracownia Badań nad Literaturą Zapoznaną i Mniej Znaną (Less Known and Forgotten Literature Research Laboratory). Keynote address: “Myśliwy na rozdrożach. Tradycja i krytyka” (Hunter’s Dilemmas). Gdansk University, Gdansk, Poland. September 28–29, 2017.

“Solidarity and Utopia.” 18th International Conference of Utopian Studies Society. Presented paper: “Animals in Utopia Land.” European Solidarity Centre. University of Gdańsk. Gdańsk, Poland. July 5-8, 2017.

UCL Festival of Culture. Women and Debts: Precarious Lives and Glorious Outlaws. Book launch.  University College London. London, UK. June 6, 2017.

Center for Contemporary Art “Łaźnia.” Panel discussion: “Christoph Schlingensief’s Ausländer raus! project in Vienna 2000.” Gdańsk, Poland. October 21, 2016.

OSA, Center for American Studies Book launch: “Glorious Outlaws: On the Desirability of Debt in Life and Literature.” Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland.  October 20, 2016.

Congress of Culture / Kongres Kultury. Table discussion: “The Refugee’s Cell Phone and Its Discoursive Uses.” Chair, presenter, panel discussion facilitator. Warsaw, Poland. October 7-9, 2016.

CARE: Conference on Animal Rights in Europe. Presentation: “Animals as Characters Demanding Their Rights: From Black Beauty to Watership Down or from Literature to Activism.” SWPS, Warsaw, Poland. July 29-31, 2016.

Empfindlichkeiten: Homosexualities and Literature. International Festival. Invited Writer. Panel discussion and reading. Literarisches Colloquium, Berlin, Germany. July 14-16, 2016.

Twórcze pisanie–pomiędzy uniwersytetem a rynkiem. Creative Writing Conference. Keynote panel. Uniwersytet Łódzki, Łódź, Poland. June 21-22, 2016.

Scattering the Dark: Celebrating the New Generation of Female Polish Poets. A conversation with Bob Hass and reading by Krystyna Dąbrowska, Izabela Morska, and Julia Fiedorczuk. Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley. Berkeley, USA. March 29, 2016.

Poetry reading and book launch for Scattering the Dark: An Anthology of Polish Women Poets. Ed. Karen Kovacik (2016), The Landing at Industry City, Brooklyn, NY. March 24, 2016.

Investigating for Human Rights Seminar. Presentation: “American Predators in Eastern Europe: How I Talked to Mark Regnerus.” Centre for Peace Studies, Zagreb, Croatia.  January 21-22, 2016.

Parallel International Conferences: Scholars as Fictionists, or On-Off-Campus Creative Writing and ‘Pictures from an Institution’: Academy across Time and Media. Gdansk University. Presented paper: “Creative Writing as a Tool for Exercising Civil Presence.” Gdańsk, Poland. October 2-4, 2015.

‘Attentive Writers’: Healthcare, Authorship, and Authority. Medical Humanities Research Centre. University of Glasgow. Presented paper: “Got Lyme? Here are your metaphors!” Glasgow, Scotland. August 23-25, 2013.

Performing Tangier 2013: Performance in /and of the Public Sphere. International Centre for Performance Studies. Abdelmalek Essaadi University. Presented paper: “Debtor’s Oxymoronic Presence in the Public Sphere.” Tangier, Morocco. June 1-3, 2013.

Fragile? Symposium. Dance, Arts, and Visual Impairment. Tallinn University. Lecture/Demo: “Giving Clear Markers: Duo Milonguita.” Tallinn, Estonia. April 19-21, 2013.

Centre for Medical Humanities. School of Modern Languages & Cultures. University of Glasgow. Lecture: “Performing Illness and Queerness in a Bad Economy.” Glasgow, Scotland. March 20, 2013.

Gender in English Studies International Symposium: The Fluidity and Constestability of Gender and Sexuality, Uniwersytet Szczeciński. Presented paper: “The Public as Devouring Mother: ‘The Agonized Face’ by Mary Gaitskill.” Szczecin, October 19-21, 2012.

Celebrating Zofia Sadowska’s Birthday. A Tango Performance Piece. Warsaw, Poland, March 3, 2012.

Responding to Art “Krytycy i Krytycy” część 2. Museum of Modern Art. Creative Writing Workshop.  Warsaw, Poland. March 2-3, 2012.

Conference on Polish Literature since 1989. UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. Panel: Jewish Themes in Contemporary Polish Literature, Discussant Izabela Filipiak in conversation with Ursula Phillips and Ursula Chowaniec, Invited Speaker. London, UK. November 9-11, 2011.

Polish Association for American Studies Annual Conference. Presented Paper: “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union: Alaska Made in Poland.” Gdansk, Poland. October 19-21, 2011.

2nd Feminist Congress. Around Absolutna Amnezja: A Conversation with Izabela Filipiak; Stories Sought After: Creative Writing Workshop. Invited speaker. Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland. September 26-28, 2011.

“Women and Migration: A Certain Vulnerability” Culturele Integratie – Integracja Kultur Conference. Dit symposium stelt zich ten doel de discussie over integratie van de Poolse gemeenschap in Nederland te verdiepen. Wij vinden een dynamisch integratie debat van groot belang niet alleen voor Nederland maar ook voor Polen. Nutshuis, Den Haag, Netherlands. June 28, 2011. Invited Speaker.

Stiftung EVZ. Panel Discussion: “Out and Safe? – Erfahrungen mit homophober Gewalt in Polen und Deutschland” at the art opening: “BERLIN YOGYAKARTA – Von der Ermordung Homosexueller in Hitlers Konzentrationslagern zu den Menschenrechten der Schwulen, Lesben und Transgender heute.” Berlin, Germany. June 23, 2011. Invited speaker.

Instituto Cervantes.  Lecture “‘Si fuera an hombre, diria…’ Cómo ayuda a una mujer-autora disfranzarse de hombre” delivered to open Mucheres Malas lecture series at Cervantes Institute and panel discussion. Warsaw, April 13, 2011. Invited speaker.

LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2011 Panel Discussion: “Crossing Borders: Migration in Women’s Writing in Poland.”London School of Economics, UK. Feb 19, 2011.

Krytyka Polityczna: Świetlica. “Twórcze pisanie: Historie poszukiwane.” Creative Writing Workshop Series. Gdańsk, Nov 3; Nov 24; Dec 6.

Europride 2010: Pomada Festival. Panel Discussion: “Widzialne/niewidzialne. Autorka-lesbijka. Pisanie, społeczeństwo, polityka.” Warsaw, Poland. July 12, 2010.

Generation and Transformation in Women’s Writing: Interdisciplinary Perspective on Post-Communist and Postcolonial Studies International Symposium. Frycz Modrzewski Krakow Academy. Keynote Panel Discussion “Generation, Emigration, and Women’s Writing: Meeting with the Polish Writers.” Kraków, Poland. May 14, 2010.

Central Europe 1989: Lessons and Legacies. The Conference held by Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies. University of Kansas in Lawrence. Keynote lecture: “The War, Privatization, and the Ban on Gay Marriage: Uncanny Similarities between Poland and the United States.” Lawrence, USA. October 16-18, 2009.

Günter Grass Days in Gdańsk. Literary panel discussion with Günter Grass, an honorary guest of the city of Gdańsk. Dwór Artusa, Gdańsk, Poland. October 10, 2009.

International Publishers Forum Lviv. Poetry reading from Madame Intuita. Lviv, Ukraine. September 13, 2009.

Ledbury Poetry Festiwal. Reading and panel discussion: “Art of Dissent in Homogenous Culture.” Ledbury, UK. July 5, 2009.

Joseph Conrad Society (UK) 35th Annual Conference. Presented paper: “Marlow’s Truth: What the Horror stands for in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.“London, UK. July 4, 2009.

International Virginia Woolf Society (US) 19th Annual Conference “Woolf and the City.” Panel: Urban Genders, Chair. New York, USA. June 4-7, 2009.

Western Jewish Studies / Midwestern Jewish Studies Association Conference “Pioneering Jews: Cowboys, Rebels, and Trailblazers.” Presented paper: “Urche Nachalnik: Thief and Storyteller.”Denver, Colorado. April 25-27, 2009.

Naples Poetry Festival. Book reading from Madame Intuita, Naples: Heimat Edizioni, 2008. Naples, Italy. May 7, 2008.

Days of Polish Culture, Literatur Huset. Keynote lecture: “Creative Writing as a Peace Project.” Oslo, Norway. May 11, 2008.

Writing Right Now Conference, Mills College. Panel: Peace, Love, and Understanding: Creating Free Writers. Presented Paper: “Freewriting Opportunities: How Do We Learn to Benefit from Them?” Oakland, CA. December 8, 2007.

Historicizing the Lesbian Conference, University College Dublin. Panel: Artistic Performance & Performing the Lesbian in Art and Literature. Presented Paper: “On ‘The Booke of Idyllic Poetry’ by Maria Komornicka.” Dublin, Ireland. February 2006.

Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. Lecture: “How Women and LGBT Rights Have Been Renounced in Exchange for Poland’s Entry into the European Union.” San Francisco, CA. January 30, 2006.